WTF! from Victor Niederhoffer

October 1, 2010 |

 The web mistress, and entrepreneur behind a line of vegan shoes, tells me that my use of a million question markets and exclamation points for the mindless and senseless reaction to the Chicago purchasing managers, one of 100 cities, one of 100 numbers in each city, seasonally adjusted, senseless fury, signifying nothing, pre-released by flexions to their clients and cronies– is very au courant– the sort of thing that someone in her generation would use. I said what's the abbreviation for that. And she said: WTF! I looked around 3 times a la Jack Barnaby when he stuck his– backside out to show how to hit a side corner, and said I should say WTH! What the hades.

Jeff Watson writes:

When I was a kid, I cursed in a manner that would make a sailor blush. The important lesson I learned from my grandfather was to never curse in front of women, members of the clergy, my elders, or people in positions of authority like cops and judges. Realizing that my son was going to grow up as a beach rat, surrounded with boys, I knew that he would learn to curse by the age of 4 or 5, as those boys seemed to curse in every other word.. My instructions to him were much the same as what my grandfather gave to me with one major addition addition. If he was to curse, he should curse in the most artful, funny, witty, Rabelasian manner that would add humor and substance and turn it into a very funny story. He took the matter to heart and ended up rarely cursing…..but when he does, it would make Oscar Wilde proud. We never censored speech, reading materials, movies, music, porn, or any other forbidden fruits and it seems that my kid grew up relatively well balanced. It seems that the kids who grew up in houses that had such restrictions all gravitated to our house. We forewarned parents of our views, but were still accused of fostering seditious behavior more than once. 

T.K Marks writes:

By way of experiment, further advise her that the gospel of Strunk & White notwithstanding, writing is akin to a feudal society wherein character is king, punctuation niceties lowly vassals to such, and this contemporary abbreviation scourge a mere band of grammar gypsies just passing through.

Stefan Jovanovich writes:

Eisenhower rarely cursed; but when he did, he was a master who was more than a match for Patton and other habitual swearmongers. One hopes that he avoids Eisenhower's fate in dealing with academic hierarchies. When Ike wrote on article for the November 1920 issue of the Infantry Journal explaining how tanks had fundamentally changed the nature of warfare, he received a summons from the chief of Infantry, who informed Ike that his ideas were wrong and that henceforth he would keep them to himself or face a court-martial.





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