David BartonDavid Barton is a sweet man, and he has the energy and enthusiasm of a true believer; but some of his Christian interpretations of American history are simply not accurate. There is no basis for his attempt to find in George Washington and the Continental Congress' edicts the moral and logical justification for the current refusal of the American armed forces to enroll homosexuals aka "Don't Ask Don't Tell". Washington proscribed the practice of sodomy among soldiers for the same reason he punished whoring while on duty; it was contrary to discipline and good order. Otherwise, he made no inquiry into the sexuality of any of his soldiers; nor did he think he had any business doing so. How could he? The most famous episode of brotherhood sacrifice from classical military history - a story every literate person of his age knew - was the annihilation of the Sacred Band of Thebes at the hands of Philip II of Macedon in the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE.

Barton can't find any comments from George Washington on the subject of homosexuals and how inherently sinful they are and were because there are none; and he would have been literally appalled at the notion that the U.S. Army had any business regulating which kind of off-duty screwing around was appropriate.


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