Wallaby huddleAfter writing an earlier piece on this site about the amazing ability and accuracy of the Australian goal kicker Matt Giteau, it seems the tide has turned…at least for the moment. What a good illustration of how whether in sport or tradin, we must be always on our toes and ready for change.

Flying doctor van Straaten was called in to cure Giteau's kicking crisis, but when he is not the consequences can be dire. Such was the case on Saturday night when he missed four of seven shots which could have netted the Wallabies 10 crucial points from failed conversion and penalty goal attempts.

The 26-year-old has landed 50 shots from 58 attempts in 2008, including 16 straight at one point, at a conversion rate of 86 per cent. "I feel as though I'm striking the ball better and more consistently. That's the biggest thing," Giteau said.


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