1. The difficulty of choosing between marriage partners is similar to that of choosing between a stock that looks great and is one of the best performers and a stock that has weathered many weaknesses in the income and balance sheet, and business model and is in the middle of the performance pack. The price performance of the one is likely to have shown positive continuations — a bullish trend followers dream — and the other is likely to have shown many a positive reversal.

2. Reviewers are more likely to favor a movie based on characters from prison or a mental institution than one that is based on characters that are intelligent, successful, and Ivy League graduates.

3. The difficulties and travails of getting funding to launch a movie is similar to those that every fund manager faces in launching his hedge fund or investment vehicle.

7. The limited budgets of independent films makes the buyer of clothes a key figure as he/she shops for bargains that fit the script.

9. The key to a successful film is not only to have a good script, and director, and talent, and marketing, but to have all the talent promote the film and believe in it after it's in the bag.

Alex Castaldo adds:

The film The Romantics was reviewed by Kyle Smith in The New York Post.

It has a web site like any film nowadays, with pictures and snippets.

It is showing in Los Angeles at The Landmark , 10850 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064. In New York at Regal Union Square 14 , 850 Broadway, New York NY 10003.


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