The chapter "Payment in Full" in Monte Walsh which I just read again is one of the most beautiful chapters I have ever read. It records the adventures of an accountant from the consolidated cattle company confronting Hat and Sonny about a 1200 payment that was demanded by the railroad company for the damages inflicted by the cowboys when the train men intentionally spooked the cattle they had rounded up with great difficulty the previous 5 days. If it doesn't make you cry out for joy the way Stubby Pringle and Miley Bennett story did, I'll "eat my hat lying there begging someone to put a bullet through it" as Cal said to the accountant at his desk. I can imagine a similar beginning of the meeting between the inside trading French bank and its DAX trader…"What's this. You're long 5 billion of DAX again?" "Certainly, I've been long that much half of the time this year, and that's why we're up 500 for the year."… etc.


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