skateballWell, it's the weekend and a time to consider an old game system that at its heyday was the tech bomb –the cutting edge gamer biz. Gottlieb, bally, Williams, Stern (the only real one left).

I have begun investigating and accumulating machines for my game room. My son and I have already started upgrading a nice bally Solid state machine from 1980–skateball. This machine highlighted the California vibe–skateboarding, skating, surfing and the beach, sun and fun–pre nike and just teasing the 3's company TV show vibe (California fun). What a time capsule and what a way to bond with your child–advance electronics via hands on work–its all there on the internet and all parts are available! You can buy old games on eBay and craigslist and through obscure game shops. One thing here –pinball tech guys are few and far between and very busy. There is a market that is buzzing and these games are getting rehabbed and being put into homes.

Kids today do not know pinball–its a social game –"way better than video, Dad–pinball is REAL". Get a pinball and your kid becomes wealthy in terms of game status! I read an interview from Stern who said that the majority of today's games go overseas or domestically into private homes. There is no more bowling alley, pizza shop, bar, or game room to put pinball games for the public–it's now underground. Kid's today are really interested in pinball if they can be introduced to it. But too bad that today's pins cost 5grand are super computerized and who can have them in a public place exposed to the public? Maybe there is a business idea here.

Stern (his son that runs the company now) said that pinball will always be a great game because its like baseball–you have a bat and you have to hit the ball or its a strike and you are out.—I thought that was great!

Ok —here are some great links

the pinball database. Thank God for these people.

Here is the skateball link.

And please read some awesome history from the late Harry Williams—the famous "williams" pinball maker.

I really never thought of pinball as a tech industry but it was and still is. I hope the list members can contribute here–my past was the early 80s gameroom the height of games when pinball went solid state from electro magnetic and video games came on the scene. My Dad was always asking me about what games were cool–atari etc. He was trying to get a handle on the tech–I was too young to realize what i was knee deep in. But I knew one thing–it was all good!


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