bend like a reed in the windThe need for versatility and flexibilty in taking a trade, after all the good work early on, is paramount.

After doing all the initial hard work and looking at fundamentals, techinal timing tools, and then entering a trade, you must then step up a gear and heighten your senses for the ensuing battle, because it isn't just the opening foray that you should be prepared for.

Once set in the trade, and if the market missus decides all your good work is worth squat and promptly gives you a back hander, you must be up to the challenge. Realise there is a new variable in the mix and be flexible too take her on at her own game, even if that means changing your initial strategy 180 degrees.

 With the battle raging now and both sides in full battle cry after an early setback, you must be able to smell the sweat from your opposition's brow, and give her a battle she deserves. On a second defeat there is one last challenge– an all or nothing shot at capturing the crown (or at least a profitable daily p and l) on a very low risk basis. But this must be your final attempt, for any further damage could put future campaigns and the strength of your compliment under threat.

If the opposition takes you out now, then respect her superior gamesmanship, and retreat with lessons learned, and after a debrief with the troops, relax and prepare for the next challenge.


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