In addition to the relationship of price change, the time of price controversy is worthy of study. In battle, an opponent can keep up the fight as long as his endurance, his resources, or supplies last. A human has a limited endurance. After 4 or 5 days of intense involvement in the market I know I'm pretty beat. Even machines seems to get stuck in the time loops and have difficult changing gears as fast as humans. Though the machines don't tire, they lack dynamism. The Fib guys do time measurements. I don't know if there's much there, but the length of ranges or trends seem important. This may be a by product of symmetry or some more basic functions. The study of basic functions would be more profitable than study of by products so that's an open question. There are basic structural time limitations imposed by the exchanges. There are basic diurnal cycles in global times. These too are worthy of study. This is different than seasonals, or just more compressed.

Criag Mee writes:

Also Jim, it may involve the simple dynamics of the main partipants of the country of origin. Do they have siestas? Are they up for long days…or do they hot foot it off to the kitchen at the first smell of a brew?


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