Market Highschool, from Ken Drees

September 1, 2010 |

 Living in rapt paranoia of the next data point to come, the market bursts up and out from its range low despite how the private sector job number is very bad.

So the internal buying pressure overpowers the "head that thinks about numbers and their ramifications" and bulls the market–ignoring for the moment what the studious market had been thinking about.

Like a typical jock in chemistry class sitting with his legs twitching as the professor drones, he bursts from his seat at the bell and flies out the door and yells in the hallway as the crush of kids empties out. So tomorrow will it be market jock running in the hallway quaffing a sports drink and crushing the plastic bottle for effect or back to studious market girl in front seat taking detailed notes for the test coming up Friday? Will the jock get a "surprise" detention this afternoon– killing his energy, or will he get more hyped up and carry that into the thursday afternoon pep rally for Friday's big game?

Did you see him faux place kick the gold trash that was left in the hallway near the liquidity water fountain?


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