the gateway archBeing from St. Louis, I'm partial to the Arch and what it stands for. The construction of the Arch is quite a story to behold. But what the Arch stands for is even more impressive. There is a reason that St. Louis is called "The Gateway to the West", and the Arch symbolizes the spirit of all those brave men and women who went into the great and untamed wild of this country.

The Arch is probably one of the most under appreciated monuments in the world–the true embodiment of Manifest Destiny and the "Mind of Man". The same spirit that built the skyscrapers and great cities of America was found in those that ventured west to settle this great land and lay foundation for the revolution of freedom that was to come.





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  1. Sam Humbert on August 24, 2010 1:08 pm

    Sadly, it’s decaying — The big-government party kleptocrats who’ve run St Louis for the past 60 years don’t leave any crumbs on the table for maintenance.


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