Actually, now that I think about it, this dating stuff is very much like trading. You can be a scalper or a buy-and-holder.

I would advise young guys to be scalpers. Buying-and-holding can produce long term satisfaction. But it can also produce terminal drawdowns. Odds are 50/50 that it is one way or another.

Scalping, on the other hand, never has big upside or downside. But the little upsides can add up quickly. There is no downside actually, because contrary to trading, you cannot lose. If she says no, you gain or lose zero. If she says yes, you gain a small something. And you only need a small success rate to be successful. Go out once a week, then ask 5 girls. If only 1 in 20 says "yes", it is still more than 1 girl a month. Go out twice a week, and it is more than 2 per months.

In practice, we are not looking at constant rates. There is some variance. Spend 15 days at Ibiza in summertime. That's 15 girls. Then you can get into a 1-year relationship, that's 1 girl in 1 year.

Why do I advise young guys to be scalpers? Because it makes for an happier life later. Since you will have done it all in your misspent youth, you won't feel the need to cheat on your wife. And when you reach old age, you will not go through the all-too-common crisis, buy a Harley, chase young skirts. You won't need to, because you will be thinking that you have not wasted your youth and you won't need to prove anything to yourself.

There is a French saying: "Les jeunesses sages font les viellesses dissolues". Which can be roughly translated: well behaved young men make unbehaved old men.


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