Sun-Tzu, by Nick White

June 28, 2010 |

I re-read the Sun-Tzu on the weekend. I know it is one of the most hackneyed books out there, but I wonder how many have actually read it. It is an extraordinary text, and one with which I feel a great affinity. I singled out a few verses from within which i'll send to you. I love the ideas of formlessness, of having the enemy come to you and making them spend all their force in doing so; that the attacker is vincible, while the defender / passive is invincible. That numbers count for nothing, but strategy with sound tactics is everything and can defeat the largest force. The power that comes from knowing the enemy - and the even greater power that comes from knowing oneself. All very strong stuff.

Ken Drees comments:

I especially like the secret agent dealings that are laced throughout. See "secret agents" in the index for page numbers.


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