Its all so clear in retrospect that the market went down viciously. It had to be telling the subcommittees that unless they took out the restrictions on derivative trading by the banks that we were in free fall. The final decline to 1063 and dow 10080 today at 1030 was the warning. The scepter of death unless they changed things. The last thing we all want is a cratering economy and stock market before November elections. That's the one thing we can all agree on from Brussels to the Potomac. Let us hope that those very limber people mentioned many times in these posts were able to bring this impending debacle to the members of the subcommittees before they announced the eased restrictions, and that their good deeds were not performed with the just prospect of rewards.

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Right as rain !





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  1. douglas roberts dimick on June 30, 2010 5:59 am

    7 Hints for Selling Ideas

    We might consider how this list of to-do’s for selling would be differentiated between physical and electronic exchanges.

    Referencing KNOWLEDGEGENES.COM, the blog said that Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Harvard Professor, states that to sell a new idea, one may consider:

    1) Seek many inputs
    2) Do your homework
    3) Make the rounds
    4) See critics in private
    5) Make the benefits clear
    6) Be specific
    7) Show that you can deliver

    How do economic, political, and geographic variables affect each and combined applications of these items?

    The list seems so simple. Is it too simple for the complexities of our day?



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