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June 21, 2010 |

To show how behind I am —– till tonight I had no idea our Edison light bulb will be banned by 2014.

Also did not know there was a 10M prize for the best light bulb.

LED looks the best for now at a projected 40.00 each that will last 10 years.

Wonder if the government will offer ' coupons ' as they sent out for converter TV boxes ?

It seems current light bulbs use 22 pct of current USA electric power.

Comments ?

Nigel Davies comments:

Since January I've been living in a modern low-energy apartment and I've been shocked as to how inexpensive the running costs are compared to the previous one. That's also without considering the 'real' cost of energy, for example the price we pay doesn't include the expense of oil related military operations.

Having said that they way they seem to be going about this just stinks, it looks like they want 'control' at any cost.





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  1. Phil B. on June 21, 2010 11:16 am

    I refuse to buy these new expensive (albeit more efficient) light bulbs, because as a renter my landlord refuses to fix the unit’s electrical problems. In this unit, traditional light bulbs (rated to last 12+ months) typically burn-out in 3-months or less. Having lived in this unit 5+ years, I absolutely believe new-type bulbs would be destroyed (by elec. anomolies) in same 3-months. Makes absolutely no sense for me to more than triple my lighting costs by buying these more expensive bulbs. Foolish to invest in appliances (bulbs) that’ll be destroyed by infrastructure.


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