Robinson lost the game for the Celtics as predicted, missing key shots, scoring no points, taking Rondo out of the game, and completely negating the Celtics ability to get any rebounds while he was in and field marshaling the final loss. It reminds one of feeble attempts of stocks to end the day higher when bonds sail through the roof with some random announcement of manufacturing output in Philadelphia or some such.

Al Corwin adds: 

I was distressed to see your prediction play out as it did regarding Robinson. It's a little harsh to blame the whole loss on him, but he had a chance to make a positive difference at a critical juncture and did not. He was only in for a few minutes, and the Lakers gained eight critical points in that short time span.

As much as I am pained by the thought of another championship banner hanging in Los Angeles instead of Boston, the Lakers have to be commended. I am not used to thinking of the Lakers as gritty, and this was a gritty performance. They dug deep when the Celtics had the chance to put it away and they outscrapped the Celtics for loose balls on several critical occasions in the fourth quarter. A little less than maximum effort at any point in this game would have doomed the Lakers, but they did not shirk.

I have to admit that my admiration for the skills of Gasol were elevated by this series. He has a remarkable set of offensive skills, and he plays with fire in his heart. His offensive rebounds at critical times did much to put the game away. His defense was much better than the book on him would indicate. His most blatant weakness is at the line, but he made the ones that counted at the end.



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