I strongly recommend the book Markets, Games, & Strategic Behavior by Charles A. Holt.

It is an outstanding compendium of real executable games for speculative minds. This book has been structured very well. In the process of playing a lot of games that are worked out in this book (through an associate web based free utility for most of them), one is bound to build and discover many new ones and several great variations.

Kindly do spend your valuable time reading through at least the first few pages and hopefully a game or two, and you will likely be convinced of the utility of this good work.

Perhaps at the upcoming Spec Party some of these could be played. I would imagine with the web based utility all the DNA of the Spec list can participate in them one by one from wherever we all are. It could be a new burst of thought and energy in this learning group with such diverse minds and such diverse games ranging from almost every aspect of the market and including probability matching, lottery choice anomalies, Information Learning and Signalling, Takeover games, Auctions, Statistical Discrimination, Information cascades, Co-ordination, market manipulation, Traveller's Dilemma, Volunteer's Dilemma etc. etc.

I am just 10% in to the book and am craving to have this throughly played between all Spec List colleagues over time across the internet.

Experimental learning, if you might grant a euphimisim, could be a refreshing new thing for us Speclisters.





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