At AccuWeather, the private forecasting service, hurricane expert Joe Bastardi said in a video presentation that there’s another formidable African wave right behind 92L: “One of the things we notice with the African wave train is that when it gets running early like this it’s usually the precursor for a big season.”

Could add to movement in energy markets. And perhaps coastal real estate too.

It used to be, from what I have heard, that beach homes in Palm Beach were not as desirable as having a house 1/4 or 1/2 mile away on the Lake Worth (west) side of the island. Now the inlet connects the Atlantic Ocean with the once freshwater lake and hurricanes can cause potential storm surges on both sides of the island. Of course in those days Alligator Joe amused tourists near what is now Worth Avenue.

More on Warren "Alligator Joe" Frazee


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