One has been asked the name of the beautiful Jack Schaefer story. It is Miley Bennett.

"Yes. I gave Miley the gun. But then I knew what he would do with it. I guess you'll have to let me tell this in my own way. There's no one else can tell it, not so it comes out right. I guess I'll just have to hope you understand what I mean. And how I felt."

Miley said "I'll find it. (the sheep ranch). "You see, I've got to. The sheep are depending on me. I told them I'll be back."

"Sheep didn't worry me any. They did worry the old style ranchers. Worried them and made them mad. They had been running cattle in their own way a long time and didn't see any reason why they should keep right on as they always had. These men and their kind controlled the (state dept of interior). It didn't mean a thing to them that the fed laws made no distinction between cattle and sheep. They did, and they tended to enforce it. And they had been finding ways. Sheep had been killed and flocks stampeded. I knew of two herders found dead back in the hills and several more beaten badly. Miley Bennett's was the only flock I had heard about anywehre around that year."





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