Italian fansIf euphoria/animal spirits lifts markets (and the two past winners Italy and Brazil are suggestive) then maybe Portugal is in play.  If Spain wins they are neighbors to the positive vibe.  Brazil is the ultraskilled bunch mentioned below.  If Portugal win at 25-1 it could be really something.  At least it looks like a temporary euro benefit at a minimum.  Perhaps worth a look like the solar magnetic perturbations.

"Spain, winner of the 2008 European Championship, and its ultraskilled South American rival are 4-1 favorites to win.

In the third spot is the Lionel Messi-led Argentine squad at 6-1, according to the popular online betting site and oddsmaker.

England, which faces the U.S. team on Saturday, is also considered a top contender, with 8-1 odds.
After England, the rest of the teams in the top 10 are:
Netherlands, 9-1;
Germany, 16-1;
France, 20-1;
Portugal, 25-1;
Chile, 40-1.
Rounding out the bottom 10 are:
Denmark/Australia/Greece, 150-1;
Slovenia and Switzerland, 200-1;
Slovakia, 250-1;
South Korea and Japan, 300-1;
Algeria, 500-1."

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Also, here is a nice overview from GS.

Here are some possible economic and consumer spending impacts.

And finally, a headline risk in England.





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