Yankees vs. HoustonIn various readings, one casually hears about meetings between the flexions at dinner or lunch, where they discuss their positions such as the counterparts who are buying pounds from them or lunches where they all are invited to give their views. These obviously serve the same function as the annual meetings at Delphi a few thousand years ago and Jackson Hole, and Davos today, And conventions where the bigs can make sure they are on the same page. But how do they make sure they are on same page during a given day when so much can happen these days. The shadow wants to know, And at a baseball game between the yankees and Houston that Aubrey attended yesterday one was looking closely at the hidden signals and conventions for clues as to how they communicated.

One was impressed with the myriad ways the teams have evolved, their equipment, and particularly their stretches and sideways running practice to better steal. I liked also the rhythm of the throws around the infield after an out so that the third basemen would gradually approach the mound as they relayed it around the paths, and then lob it so gently to the pitcher so as not to offend the sensiblities of his pitching hand et al.





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