Bucharest, RomaniaThis is left wide open for every reader of the site to make the call…

It seems now that you are going to need an intelligent electorate to accept the tough calls, pull their heads in, bunker down, and not cry for mum when all of them knew they shouldn't have their hand in the cookie jar and thus are all responsible for the outcome, (granted banks are a joke) but because there was NO SIGN, saying don't be greedy, it's apparently for the masses, everyone else's fault.

So on this basis, we need a intelligent voting population to be the first to put their hands up, and say let's take the heat and get on with the pain.

So on that basis, and of course there are factors to consider including the currently state of said economies, debt levels, housing booms, and credit excesses….what is the best placed country or countries?

Well, maybe luckily for me I found this through surfing the web. Although it was written in 01, (maybe nothing's changed), someone agrees, albeit on the surface. I'm open to other suggestions….

Finally, Lynn and Vanhanen peer into the future. They predict future growth is most likely in countries with high national IQ scores but currently bad economic systems. The countries of the former Communist Bloc—Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania, and the People's Republic of China, and Vietnam—are good bets.

Jeff Sasmor answers:

The good old US of A.

I'm not being sarcastic. Not to offend those not living here, but personally, I wouldn't leave even if Palin is the next prez. Wait– I was talking about Michael Palin…

Vancouver, Canada
China may be headed for their 1929 moment. A populace not used to investing in any sort of asset is seeing an exponential tulip phenom that the gov't can't control (yet). It's gone open-loop. And they're too connected to the US to decouple as many like to think. We're too big a market compared to anywhere local for the near-term. And their population wants decent wages– guess how long it will take foreign capital to pull up stakes and move where labor is cheaper– probably Africa as soon as (if/when) nations there wise up and become politically stable. I used to think S. America, but it's not as biz friendly as it used to be where foreign capital is concerned.

Europeans think that the way to solve their problems is to ban shorting– déjà vu– they're hosed.

The world's economy is in for a tough time just about everywhere. I'll pick right here as the place to ride it out. All the political stuff is just noise– psychohistorians take note.

Alan Corwin writes:

I like Canada. They have more resources per capita than any other place on the planet, a relatively sound financial system, and a sense of humor that I can understand. The only time they lose resources is that their citizens move someplace warm when they get enough cash.


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