Plaquemines ParishI have a client that is in the "well off" category. He surprisingly decided to be inspired to be a little anti-gov't and decide to head to the Gulf himself in "my car" to help with the clean up of the oil spill. I've been googling and searching all night for volunteer organizations and such. If anyone in the greater FL, AL, MS, and LA areas knows of a place where someone could volunteer there time please contact me.

Pitt T. Maner III writes:

I would just point out that you need to be careful with crude. It can have a sickening odor—lots of volatiles, PAHs , carcinogens—and is generally unhealthy to be around, breathe, get on your skin, etc. Trouble is that as it gets hotter and more humid it is difficult to wear Tyvek suits, protective gloves and respirators with filters. You need to be properly fit tested to wear a respirator. This will be a very difficult job down in those bayous. Young guys can wear ice vests that help a little bit but heat stress after 30 mins becomes a factor. You have to rotate crews–lots of hydration, cool down periods, etc. Cleanup is much more complicated than one might think. It is critical that the source is eliminated.

The epicenter for the hardest hit area of course is Plaquemines Parish and Mr. Nungasser is the parish president–so that could be a good point of contact at this stage. 


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