loukoumiMy best friend is Greek and has been in Greece for a month. He always brings me back some Loukoumi (a cheap dessert to offer your company). He was told that most likely he would not be able to bring any more onto the plane. Reason? Its texture resembles C4! Anyway he brought me a small bag packed in his luggage. I can taste the Rosewater as I savor a piece. He has bought at the same shop in Athens for many years. It comes loose in pieces surrounded by powered sugar and in a paper bag. I love the taste and texture.

Dylan Distasio writes:

On the other side of the aisle, they call these Turkish Delights. When I was in Istanbul many years back, the young children would peddle these to tourists. I am a fan also.

Alan, since you like Loukoumi, I would highly recommend checking out an American variation here. They are absolutely delicious. Our relatives out in the Pacific Northwest ship them out to us as a Christmas treat. 


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