oil spill diverThe physical constraints that allow vast pools of oil to remain below the water surface are very interesting. Some have compared it to the "salad dressing" effect—the emulsion of oil and vinegar in a bottle. If you can maintain a turbulent environment and a density difference it is possible to keep a lighter than water fluid from rising. Counterintuitive fluid dynamics …:

The speed at which the oil is gushing from the wellhead is part of the reason its creating underwater plumes, Camassa said. "(The oil) might not make it all the way to the top, basically, because it encounters some warm layer of water, which is (lighter),” he said. "If you were to release the oil at a much lower speed, it would just make bubbles of oil (that would float to the top)." McLaughlin said it's difficult to predict what will happen to the "trapped cloud" of oil below the surface.

Further video and explanation .

Hopefully this partial trapping process can be taken advantage of by remediation experts.


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