the broadmoor in Colorado SpringsOne would hasten to recommend the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs where my daughter Artie just graduated Phi B. Kappa from Colorado College as one of the best hotels I've been to along with a few European hotels with similar geological grandeur. The view of Pike's Peak and the lakes and the botanical gardens and 3400 acres on property and the infinity swimming pool, and the fine dining along with its illustrious history with the Penroses and the Palmers with their combination of dashing entrepreneurialism (he sold out to Kennecott Copper at 25 at the high after a 25 bagger, and then used the money to make the hotel the best in world at time with many Maxfield Parrishes and great architectural elements. Where are the Penroses of today one may ask, and how have they lost their incentive to create.

Not too good on the he barbeque there but the Colorado lamb was very good and the three golf courses of Michael Nichols, Trent Jones, and Palmer were about as heavenly as a golfer could wish with a big fairway mountain course. 

Dean Davis comments:

The golf courses are nice too, but beware the thunderstorm (w/ lightening) coming over the top of Cheyenne Mountain (home of CMOC). The siren system can give one quite a start during a back swing. I remember that we were there the night when Princess Diana died.

Nearby, an interesting collection of Golden Trout (not listed because I think they are protected) for viewing at the old school tourist trap Seven Falls.

Pitt T. Maner writes:

It is a wonderful place to learn historical geology and about Florissant Fossil Beds [14 page PDF]

For me, a trip to Cripple Creek for ice cream after a week of UF geological field work was a highlight. Not too far away is Skyline Drive which is on a feature known as a "hogback"–many car ads have been filmed using it as backdrop. One of our class assignments was to measure this section with a Brunton compass (for strikes and dips) and measuring rods (to determine true formation thickness). Once over the top of the hogback you had a view of the penitentiary from the hard white caprock of Dakota sandstone.

Beautiful area …

Phil McDonnell adds:

The Broadmoor is a classic resort. Their Sunday brunch is one of the best to be found.

I would second Mr. Maner's suggestions having seen all but the hog back. Cripple Creek is especially interesting because it was where Penrose and Tutt had their mine. I highly recommend the mine shaft tour and the melodrama at the live theater in town.

The Air Force Academy is just north of there. Pike's Peak is one of the few mountains where one can actually drive to the summit. When I went to the summit, it was snowing in July. Nearby Cheyenne Mountain has NORAD or the Stargate in the basement.

Ralph Vince writes:

I'll second (or triple, or quadripple) the Broadmoor and what Phil says abut the Sunday brunch. It's like the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite. You haven't really experienced America till you've tasted it. 


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