Komodo DragonI just finished watching the series Life on the Discovery Channel. I learned so much it was as if I took a year's course in Biology, and Botany. There were so many lessons applicable to life and the challenges we as humans face each and every day.

I thought it might be interesting to suggest an animal and its application to the market.

For example, I think of the Komodo dragon who will bite a water buffalo and wait patiently for weeks for the deadly venom to take effect. Ultimately the Buffalo succumbs to the poison and is consumed by a ravenous pack of dragons. As a reward for its patience the dragons will not need to worry about their food intake for another 4 weeks or so.

Or a crocodile, one of the oldest creatures on the planet dating back hundreds of millions of years. It has remained essentially the same yet has continued to survive. What is it about a crocodile which has allowed it to thrive while all other contemporary creatures vanished. There are unquestionably hundreds more of examples and I feel this would be a worthwhile exercise.





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