It is interesting that the Daily Spec website today features a photo of Steve Irwin, the deceased legendary "Crocodile Hunter".

That guy put his life on the line every day. I have seen hundreds of instances when he was handling the most dangerous venomous snakes– the various Taipans, the Black Mamba, the Krait. He did it with ease in the simplest and least protective clothing possible– shorts, short sleave shirt, etc. Big you know whats. He would have been a great trader had he applied himself to markets, but perhaps he would have a similar ending in terms of monetary fate. What is interesting however is how he died, and what it was that killed him– a routine swim with a stingray. He looked past the obvious.





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  1. Murali on April 18, 2010 1:32 pm

    I remember one particular episode on discovery, where he was chasing a crocodile in its own terrain!

    The word ‘fear’ was alien to him.

  2. Russell Sears on April 19, 2010 9:40 am

    Yes, fearless and a great model for kids to see the dedication talent and expierence needed to be such an expert.

    He paid the ultimate price, but it was doing something he loved and advancing the cause of somthing bigger than himself. He died with his boots on, not drowning in a bottle or some other debiltating self-indulgence like so many “heroes’.

    If my oldest daughters love of his style and educational message is any indication of his charm for the youth, he certainly should be on parents list of heoric people to introduce to the young mind.


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