Regarding the recent college football brawl between University of Miami and Florida International, news reports state:

Shaking her fist for emphasis, Miami president Donna Shalala said Tuesday that sanctions levied against 13 players for their role in a sideline-clearing brawl were fair, justified and strong enough to satisfy the university.

All that, though, came with one big caveat: Miami athletes simply can never fight again, she said.

If you have children who go to college or are anticipating it, you should be aware of the absolute way that many of these Colleges are out of any type of control. Evidence of this can be seen at Colorado, Wisconsin, Cal Berkeley Harvard, Columbia and others by the way the professors speak, write, teach and instruct. Or how they encourage radical thinkers such as the President of Iran to speak or Cindy Sheehan to spew their vitriolic hatred. We had a professor who was arrested in South Florida for allegedly supporting terrorists financially.

That said, when I think of Donna Shalala shaking her small fist and standing on a box to see over the podium, I envision Bill Clinton sitting while squinting one eye like Popeye and waving his crooked finger in front of the camera. This is after being coached carefully by the Tomlinson’s to say “I did not have s-x with that woman, Miss Lewinski” This is what happens when you put a former diplomat and a lapdog for the Clinton Administration in charge of a university.

I am sorry but these people are so calculating so orchestrated so theatrical, they have no soul, nor do they cast a shadow, or have a reflection in front of a mirror. They have no moral character nor consideration for young adults today. Parents of their children should be aware of this if they actually cared.

Every thing to them is situational. They never see anything in black and white. They see it all in the form of populist polls.

On any and every level, the fight this weekend between the University of Miami (UM) and Florida International University was the absolute low in the history of college sports. It surpasses that of when a fight broke out on a basketball court in the seventies between Minnesota and Michigan and Rudy Tomjanovich was punched in the eye socket by Kermit Washington and nearly ended his basketball career and his eyesight..

The only thing that could be seen as more detestable was the fight with the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons and it continued in the stands with Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson fighting with fans.

For Donna Shalala, president of  UM, to say that we will not tolerate this behavior ever again in the future is the most disgusting display of yellowness an executive could ever have. It sends a clean message that at Miami University you get one great chance to foul up greatly and then we put you on “Double Secret Probation” And if you are part of our profitable football program, we will try to do everything we can to water it all down until it goes away or gets diminished by the liberal media. After all we are talking about big money here and big money trumps education or anything else every time at some colleges. And for colleges such as UM in the present or other colleges such as Nebraska in the past, it becomes the standard.

We are entering a new phase in our nation’s history where everything is settled by violence, be it by fists on a sports field, or on a high school campus by insane maniacs who deem it noble and exemplary to indiscriminately shoot and kill children. Or where a pre teen brings a gun to school to kill their teacher because they just do not like them. Or they disrespected them.

The message that children continually see and hear is that to: Do what ever you feel like doing and don’t listen to nor have any consideration for any lives that you might affect. The hell with anything. It is any wonder that our children are dying and are being victims of violence on an ever increasing scale on a daily basis. How teenage girls are being abducted from bars and found dead days later. How they are snatched from their beds at night and murdered by pedophiles who lives next door.

After listening to her defense of her suspensions of her players, I feel nauseated.

No. I am sorry. Some people just don’t get it and Donna Shalala is one of them. I never cared for her when she was pandering Bill Clintons policies as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Obviously, she has not changed her style one bit in the 5 years that she has been president of UM.


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