This time each year, a growing excitement envelops me as baseball season is ready to start. Every spring, I get transported back to my youth and a certain contentment washes over me. Baseball is such a good sport. While many say that baseball is past it's prime, and compare football, basketball, and NASCAR attendance figures, the naysayers just don't know. After all, they write poetry about baseball and one would be hard pressed to find any poetry written about those after-mentioned sports . Casey at the bat was the quintessential baseball poem as it included every human emotion wrapped up into a neat little package. There are many good trading lessons in "Casey at the Bat."

Casey at the Bat - The Original Poem

Ernest Thayer wrote the poem in May, 1888.

It was published in the San Fransisco Examiner on June 3, 1888 under the byline "Phin".


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