The Ohia Tree Walking up hill is great exercise. Walking on the flat is not very aerobic and doesn't do the trick, but as the grade gets above 10 degrees it becomes good cardiovascular conditioning without any jarring or pulling on bones or tendons like running or other sports. You can easily walk for several hours and get a great feeling as you really warm up and get outside while burning the fat off surprisingly fast.

Above my house are three volcanoes 8,000 and 13000 or more high. There are11 of the 13 microclimates, rain forest, jungle, alpine, desert, fields. There are even glacial moraines from an ice field during glacial times. There are native birds, turkeys, hawks, pheasant, quail, chukkars, Franklins. There are wild pigs, sheep, cattle, even buffalo, goat, horses. As the altitude gets higher, the climate changes from warm tropical to subzero. Another fun part is orienteering with maps, compass, and GPS. It is rather easy to get lost in the jungles, or when enveloped in a cloud. A compass is indispensable to maintain the correct direction and to fix a position. Old topo charts reveal hidden or abandoned trails and paths.

In Hawaii much of the attention is fixed on the coastal areas which are subject to use pressures. Very few are up in the huge expanses up in the mountain areas. There are huge forest reserves with beautiful trees and vegetation. One day while hiking in the high forest enveloped in a cloud with no rain and high humidity an Ohia tree cupped leaves trapped the moist air and formed water droplets which fell to the ground to water the trees roots. The tree waters itself out of the thin air. Quite remarkable. Victor often speaks of trees so companies such as Google could be comparable to the Ohia tree as companies that take profits out of the thin air where nothing existed before and sustain themselves where none could before with an adaptive mechanism.


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