John CageWhile listening to John Cage, I realized that the orchestral score for the Cage 4'33" piece has the word "Tacet" written on each page — and there may be a market analogy here. The word "tacet" is Latin for "it is silent," and it is a classical musical term to indicate that an instrument does not play for a long period of time — typically an entire movement.

From wiki:

"It was common for early symphonies to leave out the brass or percussion in certain movements, especially slow (second) movements, and this is the instruction given in the parts for the player to wait until the end of the movement."

There's always a temptation to over-trade — but for a low frequency trader (such as I) the right trade is often doing nothing — and one can learn from the patience and precision of the timpani player in the Largo of Dvorak's New World Symphony . Tacets are an important part of the trading strategy quiver.

Rocky Humbert, quantitative analyst, speculator and master chef, blogs as OneHonestMan.


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