John Wooden and Kareem As Lew AlcindorJohn Wooden is approaching 100. If you look up "class act" I'm sure you'll find his picture next to it.

This video
from "All Pro Dad" is Wooden's thoughts on loyalty, loving and dying.

Stefan Jovanovich comments:

Wooden is a remarkable man, but I would take Pete Newell over him any day. The underside of Wooden's success is not pretty. If you ever sat close enough to the UCLA bench to hear what Wooden said to the opposing players as they ran down the court, you could want to ask where in the pyramid of success is the part about the usefulness of viciousness. The difference between Newell and Wooden is that Newell spread his wisdom far and wide and never cared about the credit; Wooden, who did learn the L.A. way, always had his name above the credits. He deserved to have them there, but that does make him a saint any more than it makes John Wayne a war hero. It is the difference between Christy Mathewson and Ty Cobb. Mathewson saw where baseball was going and how the game could change; Cobb hated everything that came after him and despised its greatest natural player– Babe Ruth. Newell's Big Man camp permanently changed the game; Wooden's homilies are wonderful but those closest to him found their lives swallowed by his fame. Like Cobb, Wooden is truly a great man of his sport and a model of grit and determination and intelligence; but you need to lift up all the rocks before taking his full measure as a person. He deserves all the respect one can give a man, but it does no good to leave out the warts from the portrait. You can only get a full picture if you include Jerry Norman's part of the story.


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