Almost all the checker players in Brooklyn were named Scottie so they had to classify them as "big Scottie" and "little Scottie" and "skinny Scottie" et. al. I am reminded of this by the new physics professor's post. We'll have to call him the "acting professor" to distinguish him from "the speculator professor". His post brings back many pleasant memories of an experiment I performed last night for my son Aubrey.

First I rubbed a balloon with wool, giving it a negative charge. Then I rubbed the bottom circle on a wine glass with a silk tie giving the glass a positive charge. Then i brought them together, and they started moving towards each other with confusing chaotic attraction like an amorous man and beautiful woman both drunk on a plane. One would think that this has market applications when two closely connected markets, gold and oil for example, to throw out a red herring are in opposite directions. Do they converge like the examples given? I will have to ask Aubrey and the frequentists for an answer.


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