The iowa riverWhat piques my interest these days:

1. Interesting price divergence: BO steadily rising, while S, SM, C, O, W all flirt with contract lows. I don't strictly favor positioning in advance of lows' test - as sell-stops rest there - but it certainly bears watching news and getting ready to jump in. Likely, following a wash-out on negative news; or should consolidation continue much longer, with no news.

2. Entirely different chart of Sugar, which just corrected 38% of its price(!) - not merely 38% of preceding Bullish wave - in a month! Extremely dynamic chart, with bullish potential for TRADERS (not INVESTORS, as in grains)

Pitt T. Maner III writes:

The state by state influence of the melting snow/rainfall dynamic is perhaps unknowable at this point but it would seem to be a potential variable in the equation. Farmers would have to consider these risks and use very advanced risk analysis one would think (on one level the prices might increase for the farmer–weighing negative vs. positive predictions). If the soils are too wet it evidently delays planting –lingering effects a factor too. A very complex interplay between Mother Nature and man:

So much snow has melted already that 17 river gauges throughout Iowa showed record-high stream flow for this calendar date on Tuesday.And of the 85 river gauges the U.S. Geological Survey operates on rivers statewide, another 48 showed stream flows above normal.


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