I just left my local lumber yard and found the following:

With oil soaring again, and my local pump prices on the rise and $3.50 regular predicted by Memorial Day, the following was quoted to me:

Framing Lumber:

2×6x10" UP 12%

2×4x10" UP 5%

2×10x12" UP 5%

2×8x10" UP


4'x8' sheets of plywood: 1/2" CDX (construction sheathing grade) MINUS 7%

5/8" CDX (construction sheathing grade) MINUS 4%


30 year dimensional grade ( 3 bundles equals 100 Sq. Ft. of coverage)

UP 7% and more increases expected…

With oil over 80 and likely to climb this will be terrible for the upcoming construction season. I have a large garage to build and pre-bought all materials before last Winter set into my area. Glad I did this. It's hard to figure prices for upcoming jobs due to upswings in materials. I can feel those dogs nipping at my heels!





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  1. Steve Burke on March 9, 2010 2:39 am

    Power tools can't be given away right now. Pretty much every single one is being marked down aggressively. I'm in the market to replace or upgrade several items. Here is what I'm seeing…

    Dewalt 18v hammer drill and impact driver $299 from $329 (HD)

    Paslode Cordless Angle Finish Nailer $359 from $389 (HD)

    Dewalt 12" sliding miter saw $529 from $639, also includes free miter saw stand, which normally costs $189 (Lowes)

    Rigid 12" table saw w/rolling stand $499 from $559 (HD)

    I don't remember the pricing, but Lowes has an entire line of Porter Cable cordless tools which have been on prominent display for months. These are not moving at all, and have some striking discounts. I have used Porter Cable in the past and found them to be outstanding tools. Alas, they don't include a hammer drill in their lineup, so I had to take a pass.

  2. Craig Bowles on March 11, 2010 7:36 am

    Looks like all wood products are rising with pulp seen going up. Random
    Lengths Leading Index softened a bit recently but generally improving
    for the last year. Check out their structural panel composite. Plywood
    should be up.

    Also, note how framing lumber prices tends to lead plywood. That goes back a long way as it was the same when I used to run the JoC Index. Lagging indicators are great like when silver catches up with your grain trade, watch out. Overall, textiles are lag others in the JoC index but I don't have the data anymore. Cotton, printcloth, and polyester (burlap was misc I think).


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