pacquiao-boxer-of-the-yearThis is a market that's not close to expiry and starts taking on size, and the yours mine battle heats up. Watching the Aussie share price index recently where the daily battle is normally in a relatively controlled volume situation (maybe except into the last few days of expiry, where its been known to be smashed around with some big clips), it was most interesting to see that some obviously big players have a right ding dong battle. After the market hit fresh highs and was looking to retract, it was enthralling — just like ultimate fighting — to see both sides launch at each other with some big hits. Maybe running off time could be the answer, when volume comes in from one side and the boys take to it with earnest. Running a clock like a boxer's rounds may be worth considering for an option for entry on the side thats holding its nerve.

Today the market soaked it up and then some and shot to new highs on the day. It has been basically bid in the week since. No doubt there may be something worth counting in a huge move in relative clip size, time relative to tight range in the "reach" of the fight and returns, on the close, and 1, 3, 5 days subsequent. Like a boxer absorbing blows left right and centre after a flurry from the opposition and then coming out of the gate to wreck havoc, markets may play by the same rules.


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