Young dog and old dog — there is nothing better than for the two to exist together in a symbiotic dance of grace. Old dog is energized by the youthful exuberance of the younger — his energy, his curiosity, his strength, his leading-edge in the world. The younger learns when to bark and at what, when to bite and what, learns the robust vocabulary and how to signal for relief. Old traders seek the younger, young traders seek the old dog…

Having observed the pair for quite some time now it is obvious that the two are much better off together than apart, for apart the elder sinks into the lethargy of familiarity and boredom while the younger wastes his energy chasing every blowing leaf, barking at every intruding sound, chewing at every branch as if it were a fresh femur, asleep with exhaustion at the precise time when he should be fully awake, when together they really do assimilate one another's experience.


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