Hello Everyone:

I noted that the GOP would not meet with BHO at the U shaped table he was going to provide and finally the GOP and DEM agreed on a square table to meet!

To me a round table would make all equal when they meet for discussions? With the Market down today to 150, I look at those elected officials and feel there are more pressing matters at hand for America!

Now watching FOX while I enjoy a cup of Constant Comment tea I see the table is officially square. That makes me feel so much better.

Regards: Alan

Phil McDonnell replies:

Debating atmospherics like shape of the table and seating protocols is usually a sign that one side wishes to delay any agreement. In this case I believe it may be the Reps who wish to have the health care debate linger into the mid-term elections. Polls show most Americans are opposed to the health care bill in its recent form(s) and the Reps hope to make it their issue this fall.


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