Flying is a miserable experience. I’ll leave it at that, but trust me, I could rant, if anyone would like to hear it.

Here, though, is a tip. Fly early in the day. Here are the statistics on four American Airline flights from LaGuardia (LGA) to Atlanta (ATL), for the time period Jan 1, 2006-Aug 1, 2006:

Flight#  SchdDeprTime  #LateFlights/#AllFlights
2377       640AM               30/211 
4864      1215PM               43/182  
2393       355PM               68/200
1297       740PM               117/196

So the 640AM flight was “late” only 30/211 times, or 14% of the time. The 7:40PM flight was “late” 117/196 times, or 60% of the time.

On average, the 640AM flight departed 27 minutes late. This is the average lateness of all flights, not just the “late” ones. (It actually arrived 5 minutes early, on average, because of schedule-padding.) The 740PM flight departed 70 minutes late, on average, and arrived 42 minutes late.

This material can be looked up on the BTS site.


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