Innovation, from Jim Sogi

January 31, 2010 |

Shane DorianShane Dorian held a surf contest for the local kids as a public service. His friends are world famous surfers 8 time world champion Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Fred Pattacia and come to sign autographs and pose with the kids. They put on a surfing demonstration. Kelly and Rob were using really really short 5' boards. This is something new. Kelly is always thinking of new things to do surfing, new moves. It's why he's 8 time world champion.

It's similar to music. Mile Davis always was on the cutting bleeding edge of jazz. He was the only one from the 50's bebop scene to survive and thrive in the new age. He always was playing something new. He didn't rehearse. He told his players, don't play what you played in practice. Here's the riff. He said music was in the moment. You had to improvise, and make the moment happen. Most people use what worked before because its comfortable, because they got approval, because they made money with it. But it all died away… all of it.

It's the same with the market. The market is always throwing something new at us every single day. It's always changing. There is no rehearsal for the market. It's in the moment. Trying to reuse the same hackneyed trades that world a decade ago won't cut it. Sure they may be statistically significant, but the world, systems, change. Got to live in the moment. Otherwise you're going to fall the way the old jazz of the old jazz musicians. It's not going to thrive. You have to have new stuff all the time. Sure it's scary.





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