otzi the icemanOtzi has no heirs [see Surprising Results Of Complete Mitochondrial Genome Of 5,000-Year-Old Mummy ] is not strictly proven, although they are right in a statistical sense. They can't say anything about Otzi, but they are right about the population he is issued from.

This combination of genetics and statistics gives me the opportunity to express my most complete admiration for R. A. Fisher.

Now that I dug a bit into the foundations of Statistics, I have come to realize that Fisher is one of the great geniuses of the 20th Century. Greater than Einstein in my opinion.

I don't understand why he is not more famous. Take for example, The Conditionality Principle. Fisher had the intuition and Birnbaum formalized it.

This thing is a moment of pure concentrated genius and joy.

I don't know anything else like that in science. In the sense that it is incredibly practical and down-to-earth while being at the same time very foundational and philosophical.





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