"Sucker's rally" — I heard this term on financial TV and in print all the time in March, April, and May of '09. Then the term disappeared until this latest selloff last week. Now it's popping up in bear print — not so much TV yet.





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  1. TS Hennessy on January 27, 2010 3:20 am

    Right, and there is no term that is equivalent to "Burn the Shorts" for Longs. Only a "Short Squeeze", no Long Squeeze. The Dow really did make a U-turn on the 19th but I diverge a great deal with Perma-Bears on where it ends. It's just way too soon to even mention it without risking ridicule. There is a complete count for examination. We really need not look for the term sucker sell-off though. Discovering the Key to Elliott Waves which the waves themselves generate has led to some startling discoveries. The New Elliott Wave Rule is just one. A Brand New book, "The New Elliott Wave Rule - Achieve Definitive Wave Counts" was just published and is free here: The New Elliott Wave Rule


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