Sandra Bullock from The Blind SideTHE BLIND SIDE

Directed/Written by John Lee Hancock Reviewed by Marion DS Dreyfus

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, Kathy Bates

Some people never see a normal, happy, intact family in the entire Follywood of Hollywood. Here we have a corrective that warms most people's hearts. Sandra Bullock and crew bring to astonishing life the true! tale of Michael Oher, a traumatized, abused and illiterate boy who became an All-American football star and first-round NFL draft pick with the remarkable, unstinting support of a feisty woman and her cooperative, loving family. One doesn't know which is nicer, the all-American family with a smart, sexy wife and loving, supportive husband, great kids who know how to study and behave properly, or the poignant tale of the emergence of this remarkable talent who overcomes so many social handicaps to triumph where that simply (you figure) does not happen in the real world most people inhabit. I know reviews like this give you cavities, maybe, but THE BLIND SIDE is enjoyable on many levels-script, story, acting, outcome. So if you don't cotton to really great endings, avoid INVICTUS, CRAZY HEART and this one. Bullock's been winning all sorts of awards for this, probably not so much for her usual adorableness and full-on no-BS performance as much as for the delight of seeing such movie-movies can still in this age of cynicism be made. Was everyone in the home office on the slopes when someone green-lighted this one? (Full Disclosure: Bullock herself produced.) Fun fact: Quinton Aaron trained with the Georgia Tech football team in the spring 2009 to ready for the role of Michael Oher. (Though he's a mammoth size, Aaron is a lot flabbier than the real Oher, rest assured.) marion d s dreyfus . . . 20©10





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  1. Steve Leslie on January 25, 2010 7:48 am

    I equate The Blind Side with three other movies that exhibit some similar themes. Remember the Titans, Rudy, and Juno .

    Remember the Titans: People can multiracially exist and actually get along and thrive. Race is not a barrier if one does not allow it to be.

    Rudy: Anyone in this country can get a high quality education and an opportunity at success despite of and in spite of their background, and lifestyle, if they get the chance and the support to do so. There is no need for a throwaway child.

    Juno: There still are nuclear families in America today who have values and beliefs and can coalesce and live together. Big Business and even Big Government is not the solution and a good quality film such as this can still be produced in the industry today. If you make it they will come.

    I herald this movie not so much for the astounding originality nor the breaking of barriers or even exceptional performances. I applaud it because this is one movie that a family can attend together. And afterward, they can discuss it across the kitchen table and each individual can express just what it is that they took from the movie.

    Sidebar: If you like this movie, I think you will also enjoy the Great Debaters for similar reasons.


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