David Lee of NY KNicksHere are some market studies suggested by a recent Knicks game:

"They scored 30 points in the first quarter, before mustering only 38 points combined in the next two."

"No team led by more than eight points and the game featured nine lead change and 10 ties."

"The evening carried the characteristics of a typical Knicks defeat. Their offense sputtered. Their modest lead vanished."

"We got a lot of stops. Which is the way we love to win," Lee said.

One can imagine the locals at the high frequency robot controls saying something similar.

"The Knicks went to a zone defense in the second half and Iverson went scoreless in the fourh quarter," said NT Times reporter John Abrams, who should be one of us as he has the right mindset. The article contains a beatiful Stubby Pringlesque appreciation of David Lee: "We just didn't knock down some open looks, and they did a good job of putting a zone in, getting us out of rhythm," Iverson said.

I can imagine Duncan Coker telling a fellow angler that casting by the isolated stones was no good, and they were much smarter to fish by the parking lot, and not take any chances.





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  1. Duncan Coker on January 17, 2010 10:40 am

    One of my favorite examples of fishing misdirection is a second order recommendation on certain rivers that run through downtown areas like the Blue in Colorado. "Trying fishing behind the Burger King." Of course no one would consider fishing behind a fast food outlet. When in fact this is where the big rainbows really are.

  2. Craig Bowles on January 19, 2010 9:59 am

    Bob Prechter sometimes shows interesting comparisons of sports attendence and the Dow. His latest report shows baseball and says it's a bull market sport but basketball has previously been a focus. His call last week was very precise when he went full margin bear saying the tight stop is a gift. Chris Cadberry and Joe Granville also turned short-term bearish and have been very on target with their calls.


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