What should be the temperature in a trading room? I've been doing a little reading into the effect of ambient temperature on cognition and performance. A cursory search on pubmed and google scholar show some evidence that increased heat may lead to loss of vigilance, alertness etc. I, myself, would prefer to trade / study / work / relax in a room that was 16 C than 30 C. An Australian Reader.

Temperature perception is not a simple matter of degrees. As heat is absorbed by air (for example, heat radiated by a furnace) and absent supplemental moisture, the relative humidity of the heated air is reduced. Since water vapor has a higher specific heat capacity than air, relative humidity has a pronounced influence on a person's perception of ambient temperature.

Alex Castaldo adds:

The temperature factor is a part of the hedge fund folklore. The divorcee in Greenwich believes in a cold trading room and that is why some staffers there wear wool jackets while trading. 


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