Colt McCoyIs the current situation in Bama / Texas useful for analysis of markets?

What happens when a critical leader gets taken out of the game? What's the correct analogy? Perhaps Apple's being found guilty of accounting fraud, or Goldman Sachs's having a rogue trader with a multibillion loss?

If there is a negative effect, does this occur more often to leaders who have proven extremely resillient in the past (just like McCoy going into today's game)?

What about the relative strength of the opposition against the lost leader's strengths? (McCoy leads a brilliant offense that was otherwise weak; whereas Bama's defense is strong and aggressive, exacerbating the subsequent mismatch). Certainly, if GS went down, one might not be foolish for thinking, given current market sentiment, that it would have more of a negative impact than, say, Johnson and Johnson's going down ?

Lots of good material there…

Also interesting to see Texas's intial disposition coming out of the gate, vs the sight on the field now.

Many Olympic level coaches are able to pick who will win a sporting event — any sport, not just their own — by reading the expressions of the competitors on the starting blocks. I am sure there are useful parallels. I'm reminded of the Chair's exhortation to know the basic effects from the game face of the market each day: Up Yesterday / Up Open, Down Yesterday / Up Open, Up Yesterday, Down Open, Down Yesterday, Down Open.





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