I had a lot of interest in Google's Nexus One phone (the Verizon version) going into their presentation yesterday, but based on the limited T-Mobile pricing plan Google is going with, I'm put off. I would like to be able to get a family plan on this phone without having to buy it unlocked at $500+ a piece. Based on current info, this is not possible, at least at T-Mobile. I have concerns that the same single plan will be offered by Google / Verizon.

Basically, you're getting three things with the Nexus One that you're not with the Droid. A great OLED screen, a much faster processor, and Android 2.1. Motorola has already confirmed the Droid will be getting Android 2.1 shortly, so all of the cool OS features in Nexus One will be hitting the Droid with that. I am considering sacrificing the faster processor and more beautiful screen, and go with a Droid. They are available for $120 each right now with Verizon, so it is a tempting offer.

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