A week or so ago, Victor started a thread about things that make life worth living. I would like to offer these songs to the group as they definitely fall into that category. Whether you're a rocker or classical music afficionado, you'll find something to like here.

The first is a song by Dan Fogelberg called "Netherlands", one of his early and lessor known hits, but to those of us that are Fogelberg fans, this is one of the all time favorites. My wife and I played this song at our wedding after the miniser pronounced us man and wife and went to give our mothers a flower. I've always thought of this song as the sound track to my life.

The second is another song by Fogelberg. As I listen to this song I can't help but think of what an incredible artist this man was. He laid out a canvas with his music and painted pictures with his words. Close your eyes and listen to "The Reach".

Next is Supertramp. I had trouble deciding whether to pick the song, "Lord, is it mine" or "Even in the Quietest Moments", but in end, I choose the former.

Next is another Supertramp song, that can't but lift up your soul "Fools Overture".

And what the heck. I'll even throw in Supertramp "Even in the Quietest Moments".


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