"Being a college football coach, especially at the level of Florida, is like being on Wall Street,” T.C.U. Coach Gary Patterson said. “It’s a pressure that multiplies when you consider all the different things that go along with it. You’re talking about millions of dollars, the pressure to win, the fan base. It’s a seven-day evaluation." — from

Urban Meyer's departure from UF is quite shocking to alums but after seeing his reaction to a loss at LSU several years ago during a post-game press conference it was not quite that surprising that a coach with such visible physical and emotional distaste for losing might burn out and suffer medical effects or need to take a year off. The coaching profession can be very hard on the cardiovascular system and even though Meyer kept an outward appearance of calm (unlike former coach Steve Spurrier who still can throw his ball cap harder after a bad play than Odd Job at Bond in Goldfinger) Urban must have been extremely stressed — particularly this year when expectations were extremely high.

Perhaps the Zen-like approach of ex-Knick and current LA Laker coach Phil Jackson works better. Urban hinted earlier this year that he would like someday to coach Notre Dame — so despite having won two National Championships at Florida one had the impression that he wanted or needed something else to feel fulfilled with his career. Hopefully by spending more time with his family and enjoying life Coach Meyer's health will improve dramatically. All Gator fans wish him the best.


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