Big Shift, from Jeff Watson

December 24, 2009 |

 Did it ever occur to you that the world's largest advertising agency, Google (GOOG) has about the same market cap — $191,847,475,750 – as General Electric (GE) – $197,617,213,440? There are great societal implications in this, and many market analogies on shifts of priorities.

In the futures markets, 50 years ago all of the action was in the agricultural products, forest products, livestock, and foods. Today, the ES contract is as big, or bigger than the entire grain futures market put together in total volume. I wonder what the biggest item traded in 50 years will be?

Jeff Watson, surfer, speculator, poker player and art connoisseur, blogs as MasterOfTheUniverse.

Marlowe Cassetti comments:


Scott Brooks writes:

Based on the current attacks on technology and advancement by the Climate Change Crew and their statist counterparts, I'd bet the main traded items in the future are going to rhyme with those of the past. Agricultural, livestock and foods.

Ignoring technology and the "Mind of Man" as the solution to our problems and pushing us backwards in our lifestyle will result in the past being our future.


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